About Us

Jeya Ramanathan
Jeya Ramanathan
Founder & Principal Coach

Jeya is a well-grounded business builder with a sharp sense of commercial reality. She is business savvy.
Having migrated to Australia in the early 70’s, she created her own destiny. Silver Lining Coaching is the
pinnacle. Passion to empower and nurture people to create their own destiny is her mission.

Jeya brings over 30 years of leadership, management, auditing, policy and business experience to share
with her clients in a non-judgemental and trusting environment. As an accredited coach with International Coach Federation, she has clocked hundreds of hours with clients globally. Jeya is highly strategic and a creative thinker with an unquenched thirst to make her clients shift the impossible to I’M POSSIBLE.

Her energy and enthusiasm for success is infectious. Her clients have always felt that energy transforming

Her credentials are B Com, M Tax, Fellow CPA (Australia) and JP in Western Australia.

Poornima Kannan
Poornima Kannan

Poornima Kannan is an entrepreneur, thought leader and innovator with over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. She currently run a materials business, and prior to that was an executive director in a highly specialized materials and manufacturing corporation. She also is part of a charitable trust and have experience with running non-profit ventures for charitable ends.

She has a deep skill set in process planning, industrial engineering, and chemistry with the broad skill set brought by a business degree. Combined with her appreciation of technology, this allows her to execute on strategies using technology rapidly. She is easily adaptable to multiple environments, strategies and technologies, with deep knowledge of software and its uses in significantly hastening the execution of business solutions.