On 3 August 2013, as Jeya was heading towards Perth International Airport, looking at the dark clouds looming over the sky, her father’s favourite

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quote, “There is a silver lining behind every cloud” kept ringing in her ears. This marked the birth of Silver Lining Coaching.

During his trying times, he always said there is a silver lining and sure enough, he would always bounce back. All of us experience trying times. When the going gets tough,

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the tough get going.

Silver Lining Coaching is

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a Perth based entity founded by Jeya Ramanathan. We offer coaching, consultancy and mentoring for personal empowerment and business growth. Other services we offer

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are facilitation, public speaking, Resume writing and preparation for job interview.

At United Nations, NY; as an Australian delegate for the International Business and Professional Women for Commission for Status of Women convention in March 2015

It is our business to make you a success and turn your aspirations into reality. We support you to create your own economy and destiny. Silver Lining Coaching will walk with you in making life changing decisions. Taking you to a place, that is just right for you. Silver Lining Coaching specialises in assisting sole traders to small medium sized enterprises on a spectrum of areas that expand their business to realise their potential.

We are the GO TO for start-ups and new entrepreneurs.

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